Transform Your Life Through Centering Prayer

Daily Lessons

This audio-course includes 10 daily audio classes (approximately 15 minutes each), each built around a different transformative lesson.

Direction & Connection

Lessons draw upon ancient scripture and meditation principles, guiding you down the path of contemplative practice.

Love of God, Self & Others

Learn new and practical ways to deeply connect with God, yourself and others as you put faith into practice each day.

Instructor Bio

Maria Gullo, MSPC

Maria serves as a Spiritual Director and Ordained Minister in the Christian tradition. Her work will light your way to inner peace, transformation and freedom through a deeper relationship with God, your true self and others. Maria understands through personal and professional experience that anxiety, loneliness, worry and the stuff of life, do not have to keep you stuck. Virtual Spiritual Direction appointments are available. Maria has a Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Direction, is a Commissioned Centering Prayer teacher through Contemplative Outreach, has served as a hospice chaplain and is a national workshop and retreat leader for over 20 years.

Transform Your Life Through Centering Prayer:

Ten-Day Audio Course

Below you’ll find an overview of the course, which includes 10 daily audio classes (approximately 15 minutes each), each built around a different transformative lesson:

Day 1: Learn about the soul’s desire for wholeness and connection and how this desire leads into Centering Prayer.

Day 2: Gain an understanding of the history of Centering Prayer and how it has come to be a foundational Contemplative Christian Spiritual discipline for us today.

Day 3: Expand your understanding of how Centering Prayer is both relationship and prayer discipline, resting in God and God resting within. This relationship is the source of Love and authentic transformation that lasts a lifetime.

Day 4: Understand the importance of preparing for prayer, the Four Guidelines of Centering Prayer and choosing a sacred word. Deepening your understanding will help foster your commitment and incorporate Centering Prayer into your life on a daily basis.

Day 5: Unpacking Guideline two. Helps you to understand how simple, yet profound when practiced. As all the guidelines help to ground you in your Centering Prayer practice.

Day 6: Unpacking Guidelines three and four. Guideline 3 could be described as the anchor principle of Centering Prayer. It often raises the most questions, but inevitably helps to foster the work of transformation.

Day 7: What to do with that incessant thinking? Learn the 4 R’s of Centering Prayer which are extremely helpful in understanding the process of consent and letting go.

Day 8: Experience Centering Prayer as I guide you through a complete yet shortened prayer time. You are participating in your own transformation by simply showing up to God in this prayer.

Day 9: The ten most common questions I hear regularly and some answers to help shed more light on this practice. As you continue to participate in your commitment to Centering Prayer, you can trust transformation is happening in you and through you.

Day 10: Congratulations on your final day of this course. I will discuss the far reaching impact of the power of consent sometimes described as letting go and letting God. As you continue in your daily practice, your desire and understanding will grow, your connection with God, yourself and others will deepen and you will transform your life through Centering Prayer.

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