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How do you live peacefully in a stressed out world?. Maria’s prayer, guided reflections and Christian meditation audios will help you stay centered and deeply connected to God as a part of your daily spiritual practices. 

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What is The Deeper Connection?

Do you too often feel anxious or overwhelmed? Do you look like you have it together on the outside, but are crumbling on the inside? Do you sense there’s something more? Do you ever feel disconnected and alone? Do you want to go deeper into Christ or reconnect with your Christianity? Do you want a way through the emotional turbulence and stress? The Deeper Connection is your way to transformation, inner peace, freedom and purpose.

Why Do You Need This?

It’s quite simple. You long for the peace that surpasses all understanding. You long to be anxious for nothing. You long to connect authentically with God, who is waiting for you. You have a deep desire to transform your life and you recognize you can’t do it alone. 

Who is Maria?

Relentless Follower of Christ

Is true transformation possible especially for you? I’m Maria and I welcome you to The Deeper Connection. I love that you’re here.  Being a life long Christian  has not exempted me from many of the challenges faced by everyone. In many ways I think I can say I know what you’re going through. Maneuvering through daily life can be overwhelming. I know what it’s like to feel anxious and stressed, disconnected from community or support and even doubtful of making decisions. I have overcome the difficulties of divorce and creating a new life.  I have walked with a child struggling through the pain of drug addiction to the freedom of recovery. I know what it’s like to go from hopeless to hopeful, from lost to found, from anxious to peaceful, from dark to Light and back again. In the midst of it all I received a Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling, a certification in Spiritual Direction and a certification in Integrative Health Coaching. I can honestly say I’ve lived, studied and healed body, mind and spirit from the inside out. I understand transformation is a journey not a destination, a great adventure. I believe it’s the abundant life in Christ as scripture teaches and I believe our Christianity is a transformation system not simply a belief system. 

I’m here to share with you the way of healing through The Deeper Connection. Yes, it is possible. Yes, it is for you too.  I’ve been there and I continue to walk this journey everyday and I’d love to walk it with you.

Feedback & Reviews

“I came to Maria in a broken state, with many misconceptions about God’s view of me, and about my relationship with God. Maria’s faith and guidance has helped me to begin to let go of my fears and the false notions of who I thought I was. The Holy Spirit flows through her and I never leave without some more insight into God’s unfailing love.

“I have been seeing Maria for the past 5-6 years. In that time I have experienced a dramatic shift internally; more peace, calm and a sense of equilibrium. Maria is extremely empathetic and an extremely good listener. She has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the problem. If you really want to make positive changes and see your life transform, I heartily recommend working with Maria.”

“I’m just so very grateful for Maria… She has found such a meaningful way to make deeper connections, which I honestly think is what all of us long for. We are looking for that place of joy and peace and the capacity to love and not be held prisoner in our own stuff. She helped me put some pieces together as to what’s going on that keeps us trapped, and then the hope and the process that can help us move us beyond our self inflicted prisons into a place of real freedom.”

“Spiritual direction with Maria has helped me tremendously with the anxiety, fears and thoughts racing through my mind that I was struggling with. She has taught me new techniques for when these emotions hit again and I have not felt such peace in my heart and mind in a long time. It has been such a blessing and I thank God for the healing.”

I am so blessed that God led me to Maria Gullo! I discovered her Tuesday evening contemplative prayer meetings in Marlton, NJ and have been attending for over 2 years. I took her course, Transform Your Life Through Centering Prayer and have used the tools to practice daily contemplative prayer. Through her guidance and spiritual direction at the prayer meetings and online Zoom meetings on Sunday mornings, she has helped me through some challenging life events. My anxiety has been greatly reduced as I have learned to quiet my mind and continue turning to God. The Deeper Connection Community on Facebook has also been a huge blessing as we pray with and for soul friends all over the globe. Thank you, Maria, for your wisdom and guidance!

Maria’s guided meditation helps me access the contemplative dimension of Christianity, to open my heart, body and mind to encounter God. I’m taking a class by Richard Rohr and had trouble with Centering Prayer. RR convinced me that it is important to be a contemplative whereas Maria took my hand and guided me .into that dimension

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction offers people a supportive, non-judgmental confidential place to share and understand their personal stories, recognizing the Divine Presence in and through all of life. Spiritual direction invites us to a deeper relationship and understanding of God, ourselves and others that will bring about authentic healing, growth and transformation.

Prayer & Meditation

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What are the Benefits?

Experience inner peace. Live with little to no anxiety. Move in love, not in fear. Live in the presence of God. Experience clarity of thought. Challenge addictive thinking.

Being a part of The Deeper Connection Community provides a supportive, non-judgmental, confidential, sacred space to grow and deepen your relationship with God, to share and understand your personal story, to pray with others and they for you and to recognize the Divine Presence in and through all of life.

I invite you to transform you life through a deeper, authentic relationship with God, yourself and others through The Deeper Connection within the contemplative Christian tradition.

In Service of the Spirit

“A spiritual director is one who helps another to recognize and to follow the inspirations of grace in his/her life, in order to arrive at the end to which God is leading him.”   – Thomas Merton

Life Celebration

As an ordained minister through the Federation of Christian Ministries, Maria honors and reveres all celebrations of life, from officiating weddings, funerals and christenings to ministering to the infirm, terminally ill as well as the families and friends. Maria brings her unique ability to minister the grace and peace of Christ during these special lifetime moments; to make them truly immersive and create the sublime space to be wholly present in the Spirit of God.

Audio Meditation

Maria’s Contemplative Christian meditations have been enjoyed globally by more than a million people world-wide. Her audio tracks, available for enjoyment right here on this website as well as on the Insight Timer app, have enjoyed over 870,000 plays across 115,000 hours. We invite and encourage all to visit the storefront here and download the app to your smartphone or tablet to begin your daily contemplative prayer practice today.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction offers people a supportive, non-judgmental confidential place to share and understand their personal stories, recognizing the Divine Presence in and through all of life. Spiritual direction invites us to a deeper connection, recognition and understanding of God, ourselves and others that helps bring about authentic healing, growth and transformation.

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