“My 9 year old daughter becomes fearful at night.  Ever since the first time she listened to Maria’s customized prayer for her, she asks for it nightly and plays it multiple times.  She is drawn to listen to Maria’s calming, positive voice conveying the beauty of life, family, self, and the safety to be found in God.  My daughter falls asleep quickly and peacefully and has become less anxious.  Thank you Maria!”  -M.H. New Jersey
“If you ever find your heart paralyzed with fear and anxiety and it’s hard for you to pray.  Maria can help.  Several months ago I found myself in that state of mind.  I did not know how to pray for my daughter and granddaughters.  Their challenging home situation was more than I could bear. I asked Maria if she would write a prayer.  She used her gift of prayer and recorded it so I could download. I listen and pray with it most evenings.  Even though their situation continues to be difficult, I have more peace as I have seen God working.  Maria’s voice calms my anxiety and strengthens my spirit in Jesus.”  -J.D., Kentucky


Give the gift of prayer to someone, including yourself.  A heart, mind and spirit open to sharing God’s Presence will change a life, including your own. Prayer is a way of conveying our deepest desire and consenting to God’s transformation and intervention in people’s lives. It is truly an act of love.  

Often times you want to share prayer but the words won’t come. You want to share your heart’s intention, but find it very difficult. Plus, some people just don’t find it easy to formulate a prayer.  I’m happy to help. I will take all the information you provide and hold in prayerful reflection your special intention. It may be for yourself or someone else. As the words of prayer form in me I will write them down and then record them.  It will be like we’re sitting in the same room together with heart’s joined.

Gift Ideas

The gift ideas are endless and so is God’s grace:

  • child’s night time prayer
  • child’s morning prayer
  • child’s prayer of encouragement
  • adult recovering from illness
  • adult overcoming challenge
  • adult in hospice
  • blessing for adult or child

Prayer Details

With this service I’ll provide for you the written and/or recorded prayer. Your options are simple: the written version of your prayer only or written and MP3 recorded version. You can then download the file onto your devices and send this MP3 recording to someone as a gift.

Prayers will vary in length according to your request and the information you’d like included, but will generally follow these ranges:

  • Children’s prayers will be 2-5 minutes. 
  • Adult’s prayers may be 3-8 minutes. Please indicate if you prefer the adult prayer to be less than 5 minutes.

Time spent to create your prayer will be anywhere from 1-3 hours including preparation, prayerful reflection, writing and recording.  If you would like original music accompaniment to the prayer that may be an additional 2-3 hours for creation and production.  The finished product would be much like the recorded tracks I create for my website and Insight Timer.

Allow 5-7 days to receive a written and MP3 version. Allow 10-14 days to receive MP3 version including music.

Ordering Instructions

Please fill out the information below as it applies to your prayer request:

Please include names of people you would like mentioned in the prayer.
For example: “I ask God to protect you.” “We ask God.” “May God protect you.” “God, protect and bless me during this time.”
Check all options you would like
Supports your project and the ongoing work of The Deeper Connection.
Recorded with meditative background music. Supports your project and the ongoing work of The Deeper Connection.
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